To work around the current inability to mount volumes in FreeBSD docker,
I'd like to use a FreeBSD docker image on a non-FreeBSD host. Then I can
both run FreeBSD in a docker container and mount a volume in the container,
both of which are necessary for my purposes.

(For background, I'm trying to do this to extend jsass, the Java SASS
compiler [1], to work on FreeBSD. I started a thread documenting this
attempt on Github [2].)


Unfortunately, every FreeBSD image I can find requires a FreeBSD host to
run. This requirement is rarely documented, but it is absolute, at least at
the moment. For each image matching "freebsd" on Docker Hub, I pulled the
image, ran `docker run IMAGE_NAME ls`, and the command produced the output
I expected when I ran it on my FreeBSD machine, but not when I ran it on my
iMac. (I added comments on Docker Hub to this effect, to hopefully save
others some time and spare them some confusion.)

I'm acquainted with docker, but I don't know enough to understand why an
image would run in a container on one OS but not in a container on another
OS. I thought the whole point of docker was that, assuming the image worked
at all, it worked regardless of which host you used. So that's an
incidental question I have: what's going on here? Is it something
particular to FreeBSD's implementation of docker?

But my main question is, what can I do to run a FreeBSD image on a
non-FreeBSD host? I'm willing to [figure out how to] build my own image if
necessary. I just don't want to go to the trouble if it's a non-starter for
some reason I don't understand.

Solving this problem could, of course, open some avenues for others to
discover and use FreeBSD relatively painlessly, so I'm thinking it would be
helpful in general to the FreeBSD community.

Can somebody point me in the right direction here?



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