On 06/01/2016 09:04 AM, Jeff Terrell wrote:

So it looks like, if I'm committed to docker, I could run FreeBSD
inside a KVM inside a container on Linux. Then others who might be
interested in FreeBSD could play around with it on their Linux hosts
via docker.


why put yourself and your co-workers through that much hell to test out freebsd. having worked on docker (and before that other linux jail-like systems) i never understood the thought process that forces everyone to try to fit all use-cases under one umbrella like this.

if you have some workflow that is totally docker depedent then just run freebsd+docker and be done with it. you'll have some linux docker nodes, and some freebsd docker nodes and your on your way.

or as mentioned earlier - there are all sorts of para-virtualization technologies that allow one to run freebsd ontop of a linux (or mac) hypervisor. the benefit with either of these approaches is that you remove about 50 hoops and support headaches and probably learn a bit more about how to manage heterogeneous environments along the way.


Pete Wright
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