Hello all

Trying to install Win7 as a guest using vm-bhyve 1.0.4 and FBSD 10.3.

From the vm-bhyve.log:
23:24 starting bhyve
23:30 bhyve exited with status 0
23:30 restarting
23:30 starting bhyve

I guess that means the guest has rebooted once, not the expected two.

The SAC console changes to:
Setup is updating registry settings..

After that display, there is disk activity for a few minutes. Then nothing. In a new ssh console, top shows that the only task having used some cpu time
is now in state vmidle.

My computer is a Dell workstation and my iso comes from Dell; I have used it
to reinstall Win7 on that computer.

I read everything I could find, specially

Any suggestion?

Should I study more closely your Win7 Unattend file?

I put the recommended parm "sectorsize=512" in the template Windows.conf. Is that ok?

Migrating a real Windows installation to a vm would be a really nice feature.
[Is it not offered by vmware?] Is it contemplated for bhyve?

~ Gilles
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