Thank you for quick response. 

>> I tried install windows7 on bhyve these days. and successfully
>> installed it on a PC with intel cpu. but I cannot install it with
>> another pc which have a AMD CPU, does my cpu not supported by bhyve?
>> The following is software and hardware information:
> ...
>> -c 2 \
> Try with a single vCPU. I've seen the same issue with unattended
> installs and multiple vCPUs on AMD systems. Yet to get to debugging it.

Tried with single vCPU, the same result. 

I tried running the guest image created on intel cpu, It can run the windows7 
guest, I can play with it from a VNC viewer,
But If I try to connect it using RDP, bhyve crashed with the same backtrace. 

suspect the graphics code , so removed this line
> -s 29,fbuf,tcp=,w=800,h=600 \
Then I can run the guest image and connect using RDP without coredump

Now successfully installed with fubf device.
Also tried 2 vCPUs, it is very slow, and host cpu usage is high. but no 
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