Hello Everyone,

I am one of the students selected under FreeBSD for Google Summer of Code
this year.

My project was to implement a user-space grant table device for FreeBSD and
add the appropriate bindings for the device in Xen, to enable the qdisk
backends. (More details:

The code is right out the oven and cooked enough for testing now, and I
would be glad if some of the community member would want to give it a try.

Instructions for applying the patches:

1) Apply *freebsd_final_flash.patch* to /usr/src on FreeBSD. Buildkernel
and Installkernel.
2) Add *xen_freebsd.patch* to /usr/ports/sysutils/xen-tools/files/, and
bind it to be applied in /usr/ports/sysutils/xen-tools/Makefile. Make and
Make install.

Reboot and play! Change the backendtype to qdisk in the domain
configuration files, and test. :)

Meanwhile, I am working on getting my work pushed into FreeBSD, and once
the gntdev device is ready on FreeBSD, I'll push the necessary bindings in

Happy Testing!

Cheers and Regards,
Akshay Jaggi

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