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Subject: RE: Bhyve tests and findings

>after waiting for UEFI-GOP and using bhyve (with vm-bhyve as a convenient 
>tool) an a new E3-1225 v5 based system, the following are my findings >so far.
>   Currently my rational for running bhyve is twofold:
>   - Run a Windows 8.1 or 10 instance for accessing different remote locations 
> via different VPN solutions
>   - Run Centos7/RHEL7 instances with SAP Systems on it

>But first a huge Thanks to all who worked on bhyve and made it usable in its 
>current state.
>That alone is quite impressive.

>What works so far:
>- Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 installs and runs in graphical mode flawlessly.
>- Centos7 installs and runs too using the UEFI-GOP Image (Yeah, no more 
>Grub fiddling :-)
>- I was able to graphically Restore/Reconfigure a Acronis Windows-Backup into 
>a Bhyve instance
>   using the Acronis Restore-CD (Converting a BIOS Win8.1 to UEFI 

> What doesn't:
>- Only vnclient from FreeBSD can connect to the bhyve VNC Server.
>   I havn't found any vncviewer running on Windows which where able to 
>work (tried UltraVNC, RealVNC, ...)

I've been using TightVNC on Windows (first free client I came across) since GOP 
support came out and have not had any problems with it.

> - in VNC only most basic Keys work most special characters like (*\@) 
> (and of course no german localization)  but at least a usual US-kbd would be 
> helpful.

It's not clear whether you're saying that those special character have a 
problem or not?
I'm in the UK and these keys seem to work fine in the VNC client I'm using.

 >  (Is there a way to debug the keystrokes or duplicate a localized VNC kbd 
 > from some VNC server)
>- For the SAP-Systems it seems that only 4 disks get used when the disk type 
>is virtio-blk.
>   (Is this intentionally or a feature of vm-bhyve? How to provide more 

I know that the UEFI firmware only connects slots 3/4/5/6, but I don't know if 
some guests can support non-boot disks on other slots. In my bhyve manager I 
used to limit Windows to 3 disks (+1 cd), however I have tested 8 disks in 
Server2012 with a FreeBSD 12 host, which allows up to 32 disks per ahci 

>- It seems to miss a way to add an ISO CD/DVD without booting from it 
>   Also ISO's seem to miss a hot-plug feature (f.e. for inserting driver CD's 
> after installation.

I've just tried adding a bootable CD to bhyve as a second device and yes, it 
does appear to try and boot from it even though the hdd is bootable.
I'm sure I've seen a UEFI cli at some point but I don't know if there's any way 
to configure boot order (devs?) Obviously hot-plug CD would be nice and I 
expect is a feature that would come eventually once the basics are finished.

>Some additional questions:
>- Can one over-provisioning/ballooning guest memory's ?
>- Is it (speed-wise) better to use ZFS-zvol's or files in regular 
>- Are the virtio-blk or ahci-hd disks having the same overhead?
>- Can ahci-hd be used paravirtualized in Centos?

These are probably all questions for the devs...


>Thanks in advance!

>All in all it looks quite promising!

>Michael Reifenberger

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