I've attempted this in the past, and got to an Apple boot screen [1] using
the Clover "Hackintosh" bootloader and Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. However,
depending on the drivers used [2], the instance will either "blow up"
(crash), or just sit there and hang. After creating the Clover USB stick, I
just use dd to write the image to a file and use that with the ahci-hd
bhyve driver. I don't attach anything else, no serial, no network, or
second hard drive yet. According to some Hackintosh people, we should try
different Clover Drivers and "kexts," as well as booting into "verbose
mode" so we can see how far the boot gets, and where it breaks.

I also don't think I'm the only one working on this...

Hope this information helps.

-Trent (pr1ntf)

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