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Are there any plans to make stable port/package of OpenStack on FreeBSD? :-)

I have seen this nice article that first steps are already made:

It would be really nice to build this kind of cloud infrastructure on
top of FreeBSD :-)

I have not seen any traction on getting FreeBSD support working on OpenStack even when talking/working with several OpenStack commercial vendors. IMHO - if this is something that people see a need for I would start by focusing on seeing what the state of libvirt is on FreeBSD and bhyve. I have lost track of where the libvirt code base is in terms of bhyve support.

Another two bits...I've worked on OpenStack for several years now and the only opinion I have of it at this point is that we are probably lucky to not support it. The code base is a horrible mess, with lots of Linux'isms baked into it. Yet even if you are running OpenStack on a fully supported platform like RHEL you will still need to do quite a bit of hacking to make it work in your environment. I've even seen vendors check in untested code in the primary github repositories causing a fair amount of headaches.

In light of this I reckon there is room for an alternative to OpenStack in the market...hopefully one based on a cleaner implementation :)


Pete Wright
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