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Author: tsoome
Date: Wed Aug 24 16:40:30 UTC 2016
New revision: 304754

  Bug 212038 - svn commit: r304321 broken bhyve zvol VM bhyveload hang 100%

  As the support for large blocks was enabled in loader zfs code, the
  heap in userboot was left not changed, resulting with failure of detecting
  and accessing zfs pools for bhyve virtual machines.

  This fix does set the heap to use same amount of memory as the zfsloader
  is using. To make it possible to test and verify loader functions, bhyve
  is providing very useful option, but it also means, we like to keep feature
  parity with [zfs]loader as close as possible.

  PR:           212038
  Reported by:
  Reviewed by:  allanjude, grehan
  Approved by:  allanjude (mentor)
  Differential Revision:


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