--- Comment #7 from Alexander <> ---
I did tests in the following scenario:
- 2012r2 Datacenter in failover cluster configuration
- VM stored on SMB3 share (2012r2 storage server)
- all up-to-date patches installed on 2012r2 machines
- Cluster validation configuration reports no errors

I tested 2 configurations:
FreeBSD 11.0-rc3 VM vhdx (200Gb size) and dvd on the different IDEs:
installation failed on disk partitioning step (for fixed sized and dynamically
sized disk)

FreeBSD 11.0-rc3 VM vhdx (200Gb size) and dvd on same IDEs: boot from cd failed
I've uploaded relevant print screens.

Are you able to install 11.0-RC3 on large virtual disk? (e.g. 200 Gb)

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