Hi gents,

I was giving a try to the UEFI-GOP on a FreeBSD 11.0-RC3. Launching the 
install of, let's say a Debian works fine and I can attach a VNC viewer for the 

All is fine , even rebooting after the installation is finished I can log in 

However, when I do a bhyvectl --destroy --vm=xxxxxxx and I try to reboot the 
VM and it greets me with the error message "Boot failed, EFI Harddrive" at 
boot and sends me to the EFI shell. 

I then have to manually use the shell menu to launch the boot via the ad-hoc 
file (/boot/efi/efi/debian/grubx64.efi) and it boot flawlessly.

And of course, the same error happens after I reboot the FreeBSD host machine

Is there somethign I am missing here ? 

Thanks for this admirable piece of work !


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