Hi Tao,

I have installed windows 10 pro as a bhyve guest on FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE
r306257M, with an i7-5930k on an ASUS X99 deluxe.
I followed the following instructions,
All is well except that
1. can't input capital letters.

Right shift key ? I believe the left should work Ok. What language keyboard are you using ?

Depending on what your VNC client allows, a short-term workaround is to map the right shift key to the left shift.

 (this was fixed in 11-stable with r305714 but didn't make it into 11.0R)

2. windows 10 guest only sees at most 2 virtual processors no matter what
is specified with -c in the bhyve command line (I tried installation with
-c 2 and -c 8).

By default, bhyve presents vCPUs as individual CPU sockets (i.e. 1 CPU/socket).

Win10 appears to only supports 2 CPU sockets max (and 1 on home versions), but a larger number of logical CPUs. The terminology in this post is a bit confusing but I believe they are referring to 'physical CPUs' as sockets:


bhyve can be configured to expose vCPUs as logical processors within a socket using tunables that should be set before vmm.ko is loaded (or after unload/before reload).

 hw.vmm.topology.cores_per_package   (defaults to 1)
 hw.vmm.topology.threads_per_core    (   "   "     )

 Note that these settings are global and will be used by all VMs.



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