On 14/11/2016 15:40, Aryeh Friedman wrote:
After a month or so of experimenting with running 11-STABLE guests on a
11-STABLE host (upgraded from 10.3 host and guests) I have found that the
guests crash/freeze for no apparent reason (leaving no kernel panic log).
But if I do 10.3 guests on the 11-STABLE host it is very stable.

I am running 10-STABLE r307832 and have 12-CURRENT r308386 in a bhyve to run poudriere - compiling system and ports is my only use of a bhyve guest. Host is my desktop with 8GB running xfce.

Since updating the host a couple of weeks ago I find running bhyve unstable where it wasn't before updating (from about 2 months earlier)

The first two runs of a current guest in bhyve after updating to r307832 locked up the host which was left unattended for a few hours while the guest was compiling.

I use sysutils/bhyve-rc to start bhyve guests.

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