Dear all,

booting guests with uefi-edk2 bootrom works great, thanks for that great

Unfortunately the VNC part seems to have keyscan problems:
    Unhandled ps2 keyboard keysym 0xc4
    Unhandled ps2 keyboard keysym 0xf6
    Unhandled ps2 keyboard keysym 0xff7f
Just to list a view...

The really unfortunate problem is that some characters are completely
missing, while others are just shifted (involving even meta keys).
I haven't found any rule yet, it looks like a mixture of en-US and de-DE
Most unfortunate, I can't login because of the missing characters :-( So
close yet so far...

I haven't really looked into EDKII but saw that BhyvePkg/ (of
sysutils/uefi-edk2-bhyve) doesn't include filesystem support.

But what I'm really wondering about is how to influence boot order e.g.

If I boot into the EFI shell (edk2-bootrom guest) and return with exit
into the uefi firmware setup (still edk2-bootrom), I can select what to
boot with the boot manager (also MBR booting via CSM works great, thanks
thanks thanks!), and I can also save the settings, but they are lost if
bhyve(8) terminates.
There's /dev/, which I don't understand yet, but
probably that's a way to feed the firmware?

Thanks for any hints,


P.S.: Please set me CC, I'm not subscribed to virtualization
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