On 12/11/2016 11:11 AM, Peter Grehan wrote:
> Hi Rajil,
>> I don't seem to have that sysctl on my system. Should i create one?
>  It's there:
>> # sysctl -a |grep vmm
> ...
>> hw.vmm.vmx.cap.posted_interrupts: 1
>> hw.vmm.vmx.cap.virtual_interrupt_delivery: 1
>  The easiest way to disable APIC virtualization is to add this line to
> /boot/loader.conf and reboot
> hw.vmm.vmx.use_apic_vid="0"
> (I got that wrong in the previous email; should have been zero)
>  On a reboot, the above sysctl leaves should be set to 0.
> later,
> Peter.

Hi Peter,
This seems to have worked. Even after 5 days of uptime, i dont see the
CPU stall messages. It looks like an issue with debian only as my other
vm's based off ubuntu and centos did not have those errors.

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