Hi Vincent,

So after a minute or two, I get the UEFI Shell and when I exit, I get
something that appears to be the bhyve BIOS (?) when I go from there
to the Boot Maintenance Manager, and then « Boot From File » I can
select the block device, then <EFI>, then <ubuntu>, then grubx64.efi
and then I get the Grub menu from which I can select Ubuntu, which in
turn boots the OS just fine. Now, the question is, can I configure
bhyve to look for that file instead of whatever it is currently
looking for and not finding? Or do I have to modify the ESP?

This is a known issue in that UEFI nvvars aren't written to permanent storage (e.g. see https://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-virtualization/2016-September/004808.html). A number of guest o/s's use nvvars to handle boot order/non-standard boot loader names etc, and expect changes to these to be persistent.

There is a fix that just needs to be comitted (to both bhyve and UEFI/bhyve). Hope to get to that soon.


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