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Author: dexuan
Date: Thu Mar  2 07:25:50 UTC 2017
New revision: 314547

  loader.efi: reduce the size of the staging area if necessary

  The loader assumes physical memory in [2MB, 2MB + EFI_STAGING_SIZE)
  is Conventional Memory, but actually it may not, e.g. in the case
  of Hyper-V Generation-2 VM (i.e. UEFI VM) running on Windows
  Server 2012 R2 host, there is a BootServiceData memory block at
  the address 47.449MB and the memory is not writable.

  Without the patch, the loader will crash in efi_copy_finish():
  see PR 211746.

  The patch verifies the end of the staging area, and reduces its
  size if necessary. This way, the loader will not try to write into
  the BootServiceData memory any longer.

  Thank Marcel Moolenaar for helping me on this issue!

  The patch also allocates the staging area in the first 1GB memory.
  See the comment in the patch for this.

  PR:           211746
  Reviewed by:  marcel, kib, sephe
  Approved by:  sephe (mentor)
  MFC after:    2 weeks
  Sponsored by: Microsoft
  Differential Revision:


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