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As an interested party to this bug I have to raise an issue with this potential

First though... thanks everybody who discovered and tested this... BUT

According to timecounters(4): is an integral value, defining the quality
     of this time counter compared to others.  A negative value means this
     time counter is broken and should not be used.

Andrew's test output showed this line:

Timecounter "TSC-low" frequency 1700064513 Hz quality -100

If the workaround forces the use of TSC-low, and it's is negative, are we not advocating a workaround
with a broken timecounter as measured by the OS?

If the answer is yes (to my rhetorical question) possible follow-up questions
might then be:

- Should we trust the negative "quality" measurement? (if not, maybe it's
easier to mod the timecounter measurement code??)

- Has anyone done any longer term testing with the TSC-low timer in this
configuration to see if using that time counter effects anything else in a
running system?

Sorry to be the opposing voice here (especially because this bug affects me

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