Bezüglich Vincent Olivier's Nachricht vom 20.03.2017 23:32 (localtime):
> Hello,
> Sorry for waiting so long. I don’t know if i’m doing it right but I tried «  
> -vlanhwtag » all the interfaces and I’m still having problems. Namely (as I 
> didn’t have this information before) that all participating interfaces in the 
> bridge itself are in promiscuous mode (and, if that is related) I cannot ssh 
> into the host machine from any bhyve virtual machine. My goal is to be able 
> to ssh and mount host nfs exports onto the VMs. Doing a « -promisc » on all 
> the interfaces won’t change anything. Can someone help? Pleas find below a 
> ifconfig dump.

I'd go for tcpdump.
First, check that routing is no issue.  In your constellation I guess
VMs Ips are in the network, correct?
Else make sure your default gateway does

Then watch 'tcpdump -n -e - s 150 -i bridge0' on the host and the like
inside your VM (vtnet?)
Start with ping and check if ARP is working.
Also 'arp -a' on host and VM provides fundamentally information to find
the problem.
If ARP and icmp (ping) work but TCP (ssh) not, it's PMTU or offloading
related most likely.


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