> Wiadomość napisana przez Peter Grehan <gre...@freebsd.org> w dniu 26.03.2017, 
> o godz. 19:10:
> Hi Rajil,
>> It seems that FreeNAS 10 is able to expose the host filesystem to bhyve
>> sessions.
>> Is there any plan to bring that feature into FreeBSD?
> I'd like to see it happen but it's really up to the iX guys who wrote that 
> code to get it in.

Hi Rajil and Peter,

We've been using FreeNAS 10 (now Corral) as our testbed for virtio-9p for over 
a year now and I think at this point it's stable enough to be upstreamed. :-) 
Please expect phabricator diffs in the upcoming weeks!


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