--- Comment #9 from Peter Grehan <> ---
Insta-repro for me on a Ryzen 1700. Happens almost immediately on install with
>= 2 vCPUs, and the more configured, the faster the freeze. Single vCPU install
is reliable, and I've been able to get occasional long uptimes with server
sku's and 2 vCPUs.

I also see cases where it's only some vCPUs that are stuck at 100% - sometimes
2, with the remainder idle. The RIPs of the spinning vCPUs are generally
constant, indicating a lock-spin or similar.

To debug further with Windows, it probably needs the Windows kernel debugger to
be hooked up, and then trapped into once the spin is seen.

However, I can repro this doing a FreeBSD buildworld with >= 12 vCPUs. It takes
a lot longer (~20 mins) but seems to be reliable. Backtraces in ddb seem to
show a missed IPI while holding a spinlock, which eventually blocks the entire

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