--- Comment #9 from Peter Grehan <> ---
I've not gotten to it: will carve out some time this weekend.

For those impacted, would you be able to post the output from the following
commands from FreeBSD when running as a KVM guest ?

kldload cpuctl

cpucontrol -m 0x480 /dev/cpuctl0
cpucontrol -m 0x482 /dev/cpuctl0
cpucontrol -m 0x48b /dev/cpuctl0
cpucontrol -m 0x48c /dev/cpuctl0

Sample output from an Atom C2758:

 # cpucontrol -m 0x480 /dev/cpuctl0
 MSR 0x480: 0x00da0400 0x00000002
 # cpucontrol -m 0x482 /dev/cpuctl0
 MSR 0x482: 0xfff9fffe 0x0401e172
 # cpucontrol -m 0x48b /dev/cpuctl0
 MSR 0x48b: 0x000028ef 0x00000000
 # cpucontrol -m 0x48c /dev/cpuctl0
 MSR 0x48c: 0x00000f01 0x06114141

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