Hi Christian,

After having used bhyve for servers for quite a while, I have just
started using it with the graphical console using vnc a few days ago.

This stuff is awesome. Having a native solution for virtualization on
FreeBSD is great.

However, I had some trouble with keyboard mappings and the vnc based
console. I guess that having a non-US keyboard is what causes problems.

Yep, that's correct. The VNC client is also part of this, since that's where the mapping from the native keyboard scancodes to the VNC protocol occurs.

The first thing I always do after installing a new operating system is
fetching my ssh public keys via https. I had a hard time finding out how
to type '/' and I never found a way to type '-'.

I know that this stuff is hard to fix. What I am hoping is, that it
could be easy to add the '/*-+' keys on the numeric part of the keyboard
to the mapping. Those are often helpful and I think they map the same
way on all keyboards.

I think that works Ok with a US keyboard and VNCviewer, but will retry to make sure.



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