--- Comment #14 from Peter Grehan <> ---
Thanks to those who posted MSR output.

There are 3 issues:

 - the INST/OUTS capability isn't advertised on some KVM versions. I need to
run a simple test to see if this matters or not in this environment. Hopefully
it won't, and this test can be relaxed.

 - bhyve tests for all variants of INVVPID, but only uses the 2 that are
advertised by KVM. This test will be dropped back to just those 2.

 - bhyve does use both forms of INVEPT, where some versions of KVM only
advertise the coarse version. Since the finer-grained version is just an
optimization, bhyve will be modified to only use the finer-grained version if
it is available.

I'll try and get a patch together shortly so these mods can be tested.

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