> Hi Andriy,
> > I wonder if anyone was able to run any DOS variant in bhyve.
>   I've run vm86 mode in Linux but that doesn't really count :)
> > I tried FreeDOS using BHYVE_UEFI_CSM firmware, but it seems to just hang.
>   Try looking at the CSM/BIOS debug output that is available on the 
> bvmcons debug port (use bhyve's "-b" option, though you'll want to send 
> serial port output to somewhere other than stdout (e.g an nmdm port).
>   That will at least show what BIOS calls are being issued, and if any 
> are unimplemented.
> > I also tried adding a frame buffer device, it seems that there is some 
> > reaction
> > to key presses (RET) sent via VNC, but the screen stays black, so it's
> > impossible to tell if there are any prompts and what happens.
>   The VGA renderer hasn't been hooked up in this mode yet (fbuf,vga=on). 
> I can work with you offline to get that going.

Can you keep me in the loop on this please?

Rod Grimes                                                 rgri...@freebsd.org
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