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a couple of observations as i've had a few cycles to take a look at
ixgbe/if_ix.c and ixgbe/if_ixv.c source.

1) It looks like both drivers are only populating rx_bytes SYSCTL statistic,
but rx and tx packets counters are defined (and are updating as per testing on
my dev machines).

- I've found that other drivers such as ixl do populate rx and tx byte

2) the if_ixv code does *not* have any code to populate the OS statistics
structure as per previous comment.  There *is* code in the if_ix.c though, so
perhaps it is easy to port that to the if_ixv device?  My suspicion is that
adding this functionality will fix userland tools.

Since I'm pretty green when it comes to hacking device drivers I'm going to
play with adding tx_bytes to SYSCTl and seeing how that goes.  If anyone with
more experience hacking on drivers wants to take a stab at getting stats in
there I'd be more than happy to test :)

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