On 2017-05-05 12:47 PM, Artur Moor wrote:

If the sectorsize option is unspecified, the installation of Windows
Internal Database fails. I found corresponding error message in the event
Mesage in Event Viewer

Cannot use file 'C:\Windows\WID\Data\master.mdf' because it was originally
formatted with sector size 4096 and is now on a volume with sector size
8192. Move the file to a volume with a sector size that is the same as or
smaller than the original sector size.

Log Name: Application
Event ID: 5178
Level: Error

I can not explain how Windows comes to 8192 bytes.

8192 is the default volblocksize of a zvol. If you had been using a file it would be reporting the sector size as the recordsize of the zfs dataset. Had similar issues when trying to use an application that depending on MS SQL under bhyve.

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