Hi Artur,

I can not explain how Windows comes to 8192 bytes.

 As explained in Jeremya F's email, that's the zvol default record size.

about 512E drives. According to the article, the 512E drives should not
be used, because this configuration affects both the lifetime and the
performance of the drives.

 Bhyve presents a virtual drive so this doesn't apply.


For this reason, I started using 4K emulated drive, both logical and
physical (sectorsize=4096/4096), but Windows can not be installed on a
4K emulated drive.

 I'd recommend sticking with "sectorsize=512/4096" for now.

The 4096/4096 appears to be a bhyve bug that needs to be fixed, especially since the NVMe emulation GSoC project has been approved*, and that mandates 4K block size.



* https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/projects/#5252121027936256
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