Hi Rod,

r302504 is not likely to be MFC'ed at this time, this is the e1000 driver
and man page.  This code has known issues at this time and is an action
item list on the bhyve developers work list.

The e1000 driver was MFC'd 11 months ago. The issues are currently only with Windows - it works fine with Linux/*BSD/Solaris. I'm hoping that the Windows issue can be fixed before 11.1.

Peter, could you please do an RFa to re@ to have R317777 MFC'ed?  We
have 3 days left before 11.1B2.  If you want me to follow up on that
just send me back a direct mentor approval and I'll do the RE and
MFC work to get this in tree.

 I'll get in touch offline on this.


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