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13.07.2017 10:07 (localtime):
> Or alternatively any of you guys have one that I can use?
> I was following but I can not seem
> to get it to work; though it may be because I had to convert the
> 'install.esd' file to 'install.wim' as the disk does not have one.
> If I just the ISO I ended up creating in virtualbox it just seems to go
> into a standard install, but that might be because it detected a graphics
> adapter.

Is it about unattended itself, or do you just want to install
WinServer2012R2 in a bhyve guest? For the latter you can use GOP/fbuf.
See – no need for unattended detour
any more.

Regarding unattended setups, I don't have any reusable xmls, but answers
to common pitfalls. Feel free to contact me if you identified a specific


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