Bez├╝glich Frank Leonhardt's Nachricht vom 13.07.2017 10:40 (localtime):
> On 13/07/2017 09:35, Harry Schmalzbauer wrote:
>> Bez├╝glich Paul Webster's Nachricht vom 13.07.2017 10:22 (localtime):
>>> Ah ha we can now see installs, perfect thank you harry! just what I
>>> needed I thought we still had no way of seeing the install process
>> You can run anything that provides a UEFIx64 loader with VNC-graphics,
>> due to the ongoing effort of many bhyve developers.
>> Thank goes to them!
> I'll second that! I wish I'd known this 18 months ago (but then it
> wasn't available then).
> Does you know if it works with OS/2 and Windows XP/98?

You can use the CSM-UEFI Firmware. This emulates some/all rudementary
(PC-)BIOS functions to boot legacy MBR systems.
But you won't have VGA support. So I'd estimate you have no chance to
install win98 and a good chance to run XP installer in EMS/unattended
mode (only, no graphical installer/login!). Unfortunately I never had
the pleasure to play with OS/2. If it depends on VGA or doesn't provide
any form of serial console, you'll be out of luck currently.

bhyve(8) aimed to be a modern design, tolerating limited versatile
usage, as far as I can tell.

People are working on VGA-passthrough support, so one day you could
probably be able to install _one_ legacy OS, if UEFI-CSM doesn't need
additional modification (which I could imagine might be needed due to
ACPI dependency of the guest OS? I can't tell since I have a only very
brief overview of the BIOS boot process, maybe the epxerts here can
answer this).
But it will always follow different goals than virtualbox and/or QEMU
do. The latter are designed to provide versitale guest support!

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