On 7/21/17 5:54 PM, Peter Grehan wrote:
remember that the quoted problem is spit out by the guest, not the host.

That said, the 'top' line on the frozen bhyve was:

29380 root 22 20 0 1060M 928M kqread 5 218:32 399.30% bhyve

... indicating that the bhyve had almost all it's memory... and the system had also 500M free when I checked it.

Are you using a "-j" option to buildworld in the guest ? You'd need at least 1G for each vCPU when doing parallel builds (and preferably a bit more) or you will swap heavily.

I should add: I'm not saying this will fix the problem, but if it is an issue with the guest swapping, giving the guest more RAM is a workaround.


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