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Sorry, didn't know that was you.

There are 2 other things to try here:

- when the guest is hung, on the host issue

  bhyvectl --get-rip --cpu=0 --vm=<your vm name>
  bhyvectl --get-rip --cpu=1 --vm=<your vm name>
  bhyvectl --get-rip --cpu=2 --vm=<your vm name>
  bhyvectl --get-rip --cpu=3 --vm=<your vm name>

 You can look at what the resulting RIP values correspond to by restarting the
guest, and within the guest,

   kgdb /boot/kernel/kernel
   x/i <rip value>

- Run the same test with a 12-current guest. With luck, it will panic and drop
into ddb. If it hangs but doesn't panic, for the guest to drop into ddb from
the host by issuing

  bhyvectl --inject-nmi --vm=<your vm name>

 From within ddb you can issue a backtrace.

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