> On 30 Sep 2017, at 19:29, Elena Mihailescu <elenamihailesc...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
>> Two things to test - check for bios update and UEFI boot (with decure boot 
>> disabled). Also make sure any non-essential devices are disconnected - this 
>> hung smells like it is getting stuck on disk device probing, and one case I 
>> know I can happen was about SD card reader attached.
> I already updated the BIOS and I couldn't find any UEFI boot/ Secure
> boot features available on my computer (in the BIOS settings). I don't
> have any other devices connected than those with which the computer
> arrived.
> Thanks,
> Elena

Ok, the error is happening really early as you only get BTX messages and none 
from the actual loader itself. Can you test usb boot and see if it will get 
further? Also testing/debugging with usb image will be much easier as we can 
update loader on usb…. 

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