Bezüglich Harry Schmalzbauer's Nachricht vom 11.06.2017 12:37 (localtime):
>  Bezüglich Harry Schmalzbauer's Nachricht vom 06.06.2017 14:03 (localtime):
>>  Hello,
>> suddenly, I'm getting this error:
>> /lib/ Undefined symbol "xdr_accepted_reply"
>> Very mysterious: It showed up on a running system, which worked
>> flawlessly for some hours. And that host has root-fs (/) mounted
>> readonly from a memorydisk. So to my understanding, it's completely
>> impossible that /lib/ is corrupted since last boot.
>> I'm completely out of ideas what could cause this strange error during
>> "normal" operation.
>> Normal operation in this case is serving as a bhyve test machine.
>> I first noticed that error after one guest - with passthru device
>> attached - was shut down.
>> My suspicion is some undiscovered passthru interference... Since I
>> noticed one other _very_ strange passthru-effect:
> Hello,
> this time I caught a panic with a debuging kernel under 11.1-BETA1,
> which again occured after shuting down a VM which had ppt in use:
> Please, can anybody of the xperts add a comment?

It turned out that it's a problem with PCIe cards which don't support
FLR or cards, which are not PCIe, even if they have FLR capabilitiy.

jhb@ helped me to diagnose this.

Unfortunately I once forgot to manually bring down the passthrough-nics
in question, which resulted in a completely destroyed ZFS pool.
That hurted, so I won't rely on manual intervention before shutting down
(I had to recreate the complete (system) pool).
Unfortunately my skills don't allow me to help fixing the root cause, so
I created a little rc(8) script, which should protect reliably.
Please see also

Since it's quite small overhead, I'll also attach it here (to be copied
to /etc/rc.d).



# PROVIDE: pciptdetach
# REQUIRE: swap
# BEFORE: devd
# KEYWORD: shutdown

. /etc/rc.subr


load_rc_config ${name}

: ${pciptdetach_enable:="YES"}


        sysctl -n hw.hv_vendor | grep -q bhyve || return 0

        echo "Disabling passthrough adapters:"

        pptcandidate=`pciconf -l | grep -v -E \
          "^([[:blank:]]|hostb|virtio|isab)[^@]+" | sed -n -E \

        for pcidev in ${pptcandidate}; do

                drv_class=`pciconf -lv | grep -A 3 "@${pcidev}" | sed -n -E -e \
         's/^[[:blank:]]*class[[:blank:]]+=[[:blank:]]+([^[:blank:]].*)$/\1/p' \
                                -e 's/^([[:alnum:]]+)@.*$/\1/p' | tr '\n' ' '`

                # Don't disable mass storage devices, might be busy for shutdown
                [ X"${drv_class}" = X"${drv_class%mass storage*}" ] || continue

                # Make sure network adapters don't have active vlan(4) clones.
                if [ -z "${netstoped}" ] &&
                                [ X"${drv_class}" != X"${drv_class%network*}" ]
                        /etc/rc.d/netif stop >/dev/null 2>&1 && netstoped=y

                # Non-PCIe devices and PCIe devices without FLR support are
                # known to cause RAM corruption.
                if ! pciconf -lc ${pcidev} | grep -A 20 PCI-Express |
                                                        grep -q "[[:blank:]]FLR"
                    devctl disable ${pcidev} >/dev/null 2>&1 ||
                        echo " ${drv_class%% *}:FAILED"


run_rc_command "$1"
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