Bezüglich Александр Поволоцкий's Nachricht vom 13.10.2017 12:12
> Hello
> I'm trying to install Windows 2012 evaluation in bhyve. It looks like
> neither HDD (ahci-hd) nor CD (ahci-cd) are available.
> Command is
>  /usr/sbin/bhyve  -c 2 -m 17179869184 -H -A -w -s 0:0,hostbridge    -s
> 3:0,ahci-hd,/usr/jails/jails-data/serv1c-data/dsk1.vhd,sectorsize=512
> -s 2:0,ahci-cd,/usr/jails/src/iso/windows2012.iso  -s
> 4:0,e1000,tap6,mac=00:a0:98:cf:ab:82 -s 5:0,virtio-rnd  -s
> 6,fbuf,tcp=,w=1024,h=768,wait -s 30,xhci,tablet -s 31,lpc
> -l com1,stdio -l bootrom,/usr/local/cbsd/upgrade/patch/efi.fd serv1c
> Only X: drive is available, seems to be some memory image
> What should I check? What could have I done wrong?

Hmm, nut sure about vhd image struture, but I doubt you can use that as
block backend.
You can attach the HDD and ODD to the same controller.
If you use md(4) as hdd backend, does taht change anything (mdconfig -a
-t swap -s 10G and "-s
Or a zvol or sparse file (truncate -s 10g
/your/data/path/bhyve-testdisk.file) insetad of md, just to rule out the
vhd image file.

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