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Thank you for the quick reply. Hyperthreading was initially enabled, with the
guest assigned 4 vCPUs, but disabled as part of the debug process due to recent
problems with hyper-threading on Intel processors.

The memory in the machine was indeed 64GB, and ZFS ARC usage was not being
limited like you suggested. I have now set the limit to 20GB and plan to reboot
soon to see if this resolves the issue. I have also (since last boot of the
guest) limited the vCPUs to 1 as part of the debug process. The system has yet
to hang, but in general it survived a few days before running into this issue,
so the verdict is still in on that mitigation.

I will post as soon as I get the next crash, or consider this resolved if
everything appears stable for the coming weeks. I'm not sure if you want to
mark the bug as closed, or it can remain open until something (or nothing)

Thank you,
Kari Hreinsson

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