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Generally FreeBSD 11/12 runs ok on this RHEV/oVirt/KVM hypervisor.

I just wanted to install and try the 'ovirt-guest-agent' / 'rhevm-guest-agent'
so that FreeBSD's guests IP and HOSTNAMEs would be printed in the management

To do so I downloaded the 'ovirt-guest-agent' from git and compiled it from
source as its not in the Ports tree. Of course it comes with tons of Linuxisms
like '#!/usr/bin/python' or hardcoded config paths to /etc or /usr/share ... so
I started to modify all this and 'stopped' on the lack of /dev/virtio-ports on
FreeBSD 11. I also read that it is only implemented on FreeBSD 12 so I
downloaded CURRENT to continue the work there, and there was a kernel panic on
the module load.

I am not sure what else would be needed to make this 'ovirt-guest-agent' work
on FreeBSD, but here are instructions/commands from 'history' that I used to
make it compile without errors.

Maybe someone will find is useful in the future.


# pkg install autoreconf autoconf automake libtool py27-pep8 pkgconf
py27-pkgconfig git
# git clone
# cd ovirt-guest-agent/
# aclocal --print-ac-dir

// this probably should be done as 'ovirtagent' user
# env ACLOCAL_PATH=/usr/local/share/aclocal ./

// this probably should be done as 'ovirtagent' user
# ./configure --without-gdm-plugin --without-gdm2-plugin --without-kdm-plugin
--without-pam-ovirt-cred --with-gdm-plugin=no --with-gdm2-plugin=no
--with-kdm-plugin=no --with-pam-ovirt-cred=no --disable-gdm-plugin
--disable-gdm2-plugin --disable-kdm-plugin --disable-pam-ovirt-cred
--enable-gdm-plugin=no --enable-gdm2-plugin=no --enable-kdm-plugin=no
--prefix=/opt/ovirt-guest-agent --without-sso

# echo $?

// this probably should be done as 'ovirtagent' user
# make

# echo $?
# make install
# cd /opt/ovirt-guest-agent/
# chmod +x /usr/share/ovirt-guest-agent/
# adduser
# su - ovirtagent
$ cd /opt/ovirt-guest-agent/share/
# vi
# grep -r formatters .
# grep -r default-logger.conf .
# ls /opt/ovirt-guest-agent/share/ovirt-guest-agent/default-logger.conf
# ls /opt/ovirt-guest-agent/share/ovirt-guest-agent/default.conf
# vi
# mkdir /var/log/ovirt-guest-agent
# : > ovirt-guest-agent.log
# chown ovirtagent /var/log/ovirt-guest-agent
# : > /var/run/
# chown ovirtagent /var/run/
$ su - ovirtagent -c /usr/share/ovirt-guest-agent/
# cat /var/log/ovirt-guest-agent/ovirt-guest-agent.log
# ls
# ls -l /dev | grep -i virt
# kldload virtio_console.ko
# dmesg

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