Hello All,

I just did an install of 11.1 and fully updated. Ever since the
install, I get a kernel message from the Hyper-V VSS module:

hvvss0: Unknown opt from host: 4

The message repeats regularly (30 seconds? 60 seconds?)... The VSS
module is loaded at boot and seems to initialize OK:

hvvss0: <Hyper-V VSS> on vmbus0

I did the requisite searches for any possible answers and turned up
nothing. I haven't attempted a backup with VSS yet.

Environment is running a Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SAN as the cluster
storage and the cluster hosts do have the Dell EqualLogic MPIO drivers
on and active as well as the Dell HIT kit - which does include a
Hardware VSS provider to integrate snapshot functionality on the SAN.
However, since I haven't called any backup routines, it shouldn't be
affecting this VM instance.

I also reviewed the Windows Event Log(s) - nothing stands out that I
can see in the Hyper-V logs, Application, or System.

Any suggestions? :)


-Daniel Jewell
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