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I've managed to work around this. 

There's 2 issues here:
1. Rather than using an Opteron_* model in kvm for the CPU, etc. Use kvm64.
Others may work as well. I believe this alone will Just Work if you haven't
been building from source.

2. Did you build everything/anything from source? You probably don't want to
'CPUTYPE?=native', etc in /etc/make.conf (or perhaps you can find something
"safe" to set it to?). 

If you are building from source AND had CPUTYPE set to something like
Opteron_*, you'll probably need to rebuild your *current* working version
before you can attempt to switch the CPU model to 'kvm64'. An Opteron optimized
build won't even boot if you set the CPU model to 'kvm64' IIRC.

First, unset CPUTYPE if you have it set and then rebuild _everything_. Rebuild
world, kernel, and ports. Once you've confirmed that everything still works
(you can reboot, your daemons still come up, etc), you should be able to switch
your virtual CPU model to kvm64.

Once your system runs with with kvm64 set, you can build the newer version of
FreeBSD that you want to move to. To be safe, try the newer kernel first (as
you should in general anyway) to confirm that it's working without surprises.

Seeing as how I found that much more than the kernel and the base system were
affected, this could very well be a compiler regression for the Opteron target.

Anyway, hope this helps!

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