One of the other VM clones is running. What do I need to do to mount the
sparse-zvol dataset that is this disk image that won't boot?

I'm still confused as to why one of these VM images would boot and not the
other. They are both Centos 7 1708. At any rate, before taking a chance of
shutting this image down, I'd appreciate any help to mount this other zvol
and make sure the crc feature is disabled.



On Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 4:56 PM, Peter Grehan <> wrote:

> Hi Randy,
> I have a Centos vm that has suddenly stopped booting. At the console, grub
>> tells me the following if I attempt to list any of the available
>> partitions.
>> error: not a correct XFS inode.
>> error: not a correct XFS inode.
>> error: not a correct XFS inode.
>> error: not a correct XFS inode.
>> error: not a correct XFS inode.
>> Filesystem type xfs, UUID 7652ffda-f7c5-408a-b0ce-b554b66fc2e5 -
>> Partition
>> start at 2048 - Total size 2097152 sectors
>> grub>
>> Is there an easy way to recover this? This has happened more than once.
>> Just so happens there is something on this image I would like to have
>> access to...
>  Looks like the grub partition was upgraded to the version of XFS that has
> the CRC feature enabled (7.2 ?). Unfortunately this feature is not
> understood by grub-bhyve :(
>  One way to recover the disk is to create a new VM with the most recent
> CentOS, but using UEFI for the bootloader. Then, add this disk to the
> guest, and from within the guest I think you can run an XFS utility that
> will disable the use of CRCs on that partition.
>  The proper fix would be for grub-bhyve to be updated to the latest
> version of grub2, though a workaround is to create guests with UEFI and not
> use grub-bhyve.
> later,
> Peter.
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