Assuming you wanted sync and not just a shared volume the guest/host running 
rsync to push/pull would work the best. But to be totally honest what I do 
right now to allow guests access to stuff on the host file system is just 
CIFS/SMB shares. It would probably be better to do NFS shares but I have a few 
windows guests that don't play nice with NFS.

There is a bit of future work here though where someone could make some guest 
utils and stand up a file system bridge. There is some demand there and 
honestly it could be as simple as what virtualbox does where it provides a 
CIFS/SMB share through a local pipe. Whatever the solution is there I would 
lean more toward CIFS/SMB since it does have better cross-platform 

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On Mon, Jan 22, 2018, at 7:45 AM, tech-lists wrote:
> Hello lists,
> If I have two bhyve hosts, production [p] and reserve [r], and on both
> there are identical guest[s] [1] and [2], what is the best way to sync
> the guests? What's the best tool?
> 1. would syncing the guests from the host work? (in other words, running
> some kind of tool like say rsync on the host work?). What about the
> internal state of the guest? Could rsync account for changes in its
> internal state?
> 2. or would it be better to run a tool like rsync inside each guest?
> 3. is there a better tool for this than rsync?
> thanks,
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> J.
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