tech-lists wrote on 2018/01/22 20:47:
On 22/01/2018 16:38, Paul Vixie wrote:
for live sync you'll have to run software inside the guest that knows
how to properly freeze state. for example if there's a live database of
any kind you'll want it to be in its quiet state before you sync from
it. in those situations, i do use rsync.

Yeah, thought it might be this. Sorry I wasn't more clear initially
about the use case.

Basically, the production server is in a datacentre and the reserve
server is on a very fast vdsl service. The reason for the reserve server
is, if the production server fails then I swap DNS to point at the
reserved server and the guests on it without interruption of service.
All guests are running databases (mysql) though they aren't especially
busy. So I guess the best bet would be mysql replication for the
databases and rsync for everything except mysql?

Forget about uninterrupted services. Even if you have very short times on DNS you will have downtime in minutes until old DNS entries expired. If you need "almost real-time replication" then you definitely need both ends online and do MySQL replication (with all its own problems). And some kind of rsync synchronisation as you said.

Miroslav Lachman
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