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--- Comment #2 from Rodney W. Grimes <> ---
First pass look at this patch leads to these comments:

White space change at line 40, this change should not be made

-n option added out of alpha order at line 74, should be after -m,
"ethernet adapter" is a little vague and missleading,
this is actually "network adapter emulation type"

I am not sure how much should be added to, this was
suppose to be a simple script for simple operations, if your
getting complicated you should be invoking bhyve, not vmrun,
the only other valid option for -n at this time is e1000, is
it really worth adding a knob to to switch between
virtio-net and e1000?  Or even if we consider the ne2000 out
of tree code, that is a 3 way option.

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