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  In D14473#306827 <https://reviews.freebsd.org/D14473#306827>, @grehan wrote:
  > So a comment on this: in general, api's are not added to FreeBSD that don't 
have base-system clients that use them, or for a good reason. I think this 
falls into the latter but I'd like to cut it down a bit.
  > - can the get_unrestricted_guest() routine be removed ? There is an error 
return on the set, which seems like it can be used to determine if unrestricted 
mode is not available (e.g. that's how bhyve uses the ioctl).
  Yes, it can.
  > - is there a need for vcpu_reset() ? The BSP should be initialized to 
power-on state.. That could be a bug in bhyve and better to have it fixed there.
  Not necessarily, as everything in vcpu_reset() could also be accomplished 
with the other callbacks. I don't think bhyverun should call vcpu_reset(), as 
bhyveload sets up registers before. I guess this should happen before 
`loader_main` is called?



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