> On 2 Apr 2018, at 19:19, Harry Schmalzbauer <free...@omnilan.de> wrote:
> Bezüglich Rodney W. Grimes's Nachricht vom 02.04.2018 18:11 (localtime):
>>> Bez?glich Daniel Braniss's Nachricht vom 02.04.2018 16:58 (localtime):
>>> ?
>>>>> Are you trying to use the HOSTS ip address in the GUEST?
>>>> the client is using the server?s /usr/local, which is mounted via nfs.
>>> I guess you have reasons to prefer nfs over nullfs.
>> You can not nullfs mount from inside a bhyve guest the host file
>> system would be his reason.
> Doh, of course – I mind-mixed with jails…  Almost all my FreeBSD
> "guests" on a bhyve(8) host are jails... Please simply ignore ;-)
> …
>>> your results... Else I can't explain what you see other than the above
>>> scenario.
>> Is it still true that if you have a bridge hooked to an interface
>> you must move the IP assignement from the interace device to the
>> bridge?
> I have no idea, I haven't used if_bridge(4) for some years.  Perferably
> I use vale(4) (if I don't need .11q) or ng_bridge(4) for bhyve(8) setups.
> -harry

maybe this could be the cause:
on the server, every time a client is started iI see:
    kernel: bridge0: error setting interface capabilities on mlxen0

and BTW, with the latest kernel, there is only one complaint about arp moving!


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