Hm, ok.

Change this bit in if_ath_tx.c:

-       flags = HAL_TXDESC_CLRDMASK;            /* XXX needed for crypto errs */
+       //flags = HAL_TXDESC_CLRDMASK;          /* XXX needed for crypto errs */
+       flags = 0;

to just


See if that works.

Hmph. I thought I caught all the filtered frames weirdness. Obviously
I didn't..

Oh for gods sake. I know what I did wrong. Yes, do the above for now.
I totally screwed up; I thought I had set CLRDMASK correctly for
non-aggregate traffic.

Ok, here's what I did wrong - I didn't set the CLRDMASK
unconditionally for non-aggregate traffic. So the non-11n
(non-aggregate path) has it selectively set - but there's no
completion handler which is putting the traffic on the filtered frames
list and setting the CLRDMASK bit again.

So do the above and please, please file a bug with what you've
gathered. I'll add this to the email and I'll fix it in -HEAD.

Thanks for pointing this out!

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