Dear Sir/Madam

It has been known for some time that bsd-flavours of Unix try hard to be 
capable of
running as much hardware as it can be.
What am I interested in is the development stage of atheros wifi drivers for N 
USB devices.
I am using tp link Wn 821 N  and it works flawlessly under Linux.

Now, when it comes top Freebsd, I fire up the system and under no circumstances 
can't the system even recognize the device.
What really makes me curious is the fact there's no way of loading the uath 
Kldload responses with information that it is already loaded in kernel but 
kldstat -v gives no clue about it. 
Furthermore, 'kldload if_uath.ko' gives an error, namely that of impossibility 
loading the given module by hand though 'ls'  recognizes it while listing
/boot/kernel directory.

So, the point is I cannot load atheros usb wifi module by myself as it already
has been done during boot but the system cannot get the module working as well.
I am using regular version 8.3 of Freebsd at the moment, but the problem was 
to the newer one too.
I didn't play with the kernel nor did I recompile it.
In addition, "ifconfig wlan0 create wlandev uath0" returns always error stating 
"cannot create interface wlan0" or sth. similar in meaning.

Can anyone be so kind and explain in detail what should I do ?

My ethernet card ( nfe0 ) worked always without any flaws but isn't the time
Freebsd should move to wifi usb hardware more consistently ?
As I said Linux has had the drivers working for some time now.

What are you waiting for ??

Paweł Gogolewski, EU, Poland
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