Subject pretty much says it all.

I am in the market for a supported dual-band 802.11n wifi adapter, that can be used with FreeBSD to run as an access point.

I have an old athlonxp 2000 that I intend to make into a custom router, but need to find a PCI (not PCI-e) or USB2.x adapter that I can use to provide wireless service to my home.

I have 2 gigabit cards in the box already, as well as an external 5port gigabit switch..

I also have a single-band 2.4ghz .11n router currently, that I am using as an AP-only, but I would like to support the 5ghz band.

I am open to the idea of simply replacing the router with a dual-band AP.. but I would prefer a PCI adapter.

Any ideas on supported chipsets/adapters that meet these requirements?

Chuck Burns <>
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