Hey ! Where is weptxkey. The deftxkey UNDEF is important after all. It isn't mentioned in the man page !? Yes !!! I initially decide to try setting it to my WEP key, but that doesn't work. Next I try setting it to 1 !? Read manual again, ifconfig:

wepmode mode

Set the desired WEP mode. Not all adapters support all modes. The set of valid modes is off, on, and mixed. The mixed mode explicitly tells the adaptor to allow association with access points which allow both encrypted and unencrypted traffic. On these adapters, on means that the access point must only allow encrypted connections. On other adapters, on is generally another name for mixed. Modes are case insensitive.

weptxkey index

Set the WEP key to be used for transmission. This is the same as setting the default transmission key with deftxkey.

wepkey key|index:key

Set the selected WEP key. If an index is not given, key 1 is set. A WEP key will be either 5 or 13 characters (40 or 104 bits) depending on the local network and the capabilities of the adaptor. It may be specified either as a plain string or as a string of hexadecimal digits preceded by ‘0x’. For maximum portability, hex keys are recommended; the mapping of text keys to WEP encryption is usually driver-specific. In particular, the Windows drivers do this mapping differently to FreeBSD. A key may be cleared by setting it to ‘-’. If WEP is supported then there are at least four keys. Some adapters support more than four keys. If that is the case, then the first four keys (1-4) will be the standard temporary keys and any others will be adap‐tor specific keys such as permanent keys stored in NVRAM.

Note that you must set a default transmit key with deftxkey for the system to know which key to use in encrypting outbound traf‐fic.

Nothing too odd here. The deftxkey UNDEF looks new, but that shouldn't matter? Let me ping a host. Nothing. I sniff on the wlan0 interface and see my host ARP for the gateway, but that's it. By the way, I added a default route.
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